Jun 27, 2010

"Attempting Al" I Swear This Is Just A Sketch

I've been attempting to draw western film characters lately. Last night I attempted to draw Al Swearengen from "Deadwood" (I did an unauthorized manila envelope pen sketch last week). The idea was that these western attempts would end up in this little local art show called "The Drawing Board." The more I work on them, the less I feel that having my drawing attempts appear in a gallery is a good idea. In fact, I find myself wishing that there were some way to go back in time and get out of it.

Fact is I don't like being a part of awards, shows, ceremonies, having titles, wearing badges, showing in galleries, etc... just not my thing, I suppose. I'm okay with being that way. It's just the way I am. I like sharing my drawing attempts and creative works here on my blog, and working on projects like these with my kids and friends. Guess that's why I'll always be a hobbiest. I just like attempting to draw stuff. It's fun. If I get better at it because I make these attempts then that would be cool too. Not a big aspiration.

The big pay-off of sharing my attempts here is that I get to meet a lot of great people from all over the world who like to draw and create things as well. I attempt to draw because I can. I attempt to draw because it's something creative to do besides the work I do in advertising. I attempt to draw because it allows me to connect with folks. When it gets heavier than that a bit of the joy disappears.
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