May 13, 2010

"She-Hulk" A Parker Brand ATC Sketch

I picked She-Hulk as my warm-up ATC sketch this morning. I asked my Twitter followers which outfit she should wear; the ripped white dress, or her modern purple and white one-piece. I got a slew of direct messages, and the one-piece ended up being the champ (although I did get a great suggestion to do her Fantastic Four one-piece). Her pose was going to be determined by which outfit was chosen. I decided to go for the "see how big my muscle is" pose, and give a wink to the She-Hulk ATC that Wynn Ryder drew for me (which is completely rad, btw). This card completes my 16 card color ATC series. Now, I've got to get the prints made and start figuring out how I'm going to give these little prints away to my Twitter pals. I wonder, what cool contest can I come up with? I'll let you know once I figure it out. Thanks for following along!

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