Apr 27, 2010

Sometimes you just have to draw "Wolverine"

Okay. So, Wolverine isn't my favorite character. It's not that he's not all smart-ass, violent and tough as hell (all things that I like in a feral, adamantium laced mutant). He most definitely is. In fact, that recent comic, "Old Man Logan," was actually pretty good... until it wasn't.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think Wolverine could be awesome if he wasn't an X-Man, didn't appear in so many books, and wasn't popular for the sake of being popular (is Wolvie the Paris Hilton for the Marvel U?). I think I never got into him because of the same reason I can't get into Deadpool... they're these token, tough-guy, smack-talkin' characters... and Marvel milks them for all their worth. Everyone thinks their cool, which is usually a sure sign that I won't. Still, Wolverine could be cool. Yeah. He could be.

Today I needed a break and thought, "screw it... I'm drawin' Wolverine." Sometimes just have to. So, I did. Took a minute to add some color, too. Hope you enjoy!

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