Apr 25, 2010

Animal Sketch Soup

Yesterday, around 4 pm, I decided to send out a text to my buddies to see if they would like to come over for a sketch night. Normally we all get together at our pal Erik's house, but he had some things going on this weekend, and was unable to host a sketch-up. Luckily, a few of my friends responded to the text, and everyone showed up to get their sketch on.

Erik has stared the idea of playing a sketch game, so I wanted to do the same thing. I wrote out a list of animals and then everyone drew numbers to see which animals they would get from the list. Everyone picked three, and then the challenge was to draw an amalgam of those three animals in any medium, or style.

I ended up getting a donkey, a cat and a shark. Yikes! I did a quick thumbnail sketch of my "sharkdonkat," to figure out how I'd mash these animals up, then I moved on to my actual piece.

I kinda think I messed up the DNA here, and my shark-donkey-cat ended up looking more like it had some rat genes in the mix, but who knows? Maybe this is what a shardonkat would look like? 

It's not a masterpiece, but it was still a lot of fun to do. I'd definitely play the animal soup sketch game again. My only regret? I didn't take pictures of the other artwork produced. I would have liked to have shared those pieces with you.

I should have some decent work to post soon. I've taken a couple of commissions, plus I'm working on my entries for the "Drawing Board" and "Chaos Theory II" exhibits. I'm hoping that those pieces will step up my game a bit.

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