Jan 27, 2010

Thunder Struck (or "Do you feel Loki? Well,... do ya... punk?")

I've been a fan of the man upstairs since I was a little boy. It was my Dad who really taught me everything I needed to know that started me on the path. I'd sneak over to his side-table, sit and read the good book.

Oh no,... wait... not that good book. Not that man upstairs. I'm talking about the other "big guy," lord of the storm, prince of Asgard, the royal, holy bad ass himself... THOR!

Dad's shed was a wonderful place for me, a place where my imagination could go wild. He had every kind of tool you could think of (he was and is an amazing carpenter). There was this beat up, little sledge-hammer in the shed; had this short handle on it, covered in grimy duct-tape. I'd turn it into Mjolnir (that's Thor's hammer, for those who don't know) every time I got the chance, knocking over woodpiles and 5 gallon buckets.

Like most of the comic book characters my Dad used to read, 'ol Thor stuck around. He's been through a bunch of changes; some better than others.

Well, thanks to a bit of ebay luck, I managed to land a pretty sweet prize... my very own "Thor Corps" (and his wicked step-brother Loki, too).

Boy, this was a fun ebay package to open. First off, the sculpts on the figures were pretty good. Let's see here, we've got the classic Thor with a great base...

...this variant, too (I think it's considered "King Thor." I'm not crazy about the over-all design, but I kind of like the bearded look, plus the deets on the face aren't to shabby.

Here we have Thor's buddy and all-around bad ass pal Beta Ray Bill (I really wanted this guy on my shelf; I did a sketch of him last week).

I already had this really awesome Thor figure and base (the modern armor; my fave next to the classic design), plus this really cool little mini wearing the same uniform (see the cool lightning coming off the little hammer?).

And last, but not least... well, maybe least 'cause he's really not in my "Thor Corp," is Loki, god of mischief and all-around, piece-of-crap step-brother to Thor. This isn't my favorite look for Loki (I much prefer the modern design), but hey... it's Loki. Besides, I do think the outfit looks pretty authentic. I mean, it's not tights and he does have Loki's signature how-the-hell-does-he-keep-that-helmet-on horns.

BONUS: A new issue of Thor came out today! I thumbed through it at lunch and swear I saw Thor beating the living hell out of something. Boy, am I glad for that. I'm tired of junk characters like the Red Hulk handing Thor his winged hat. I say thee, NAY! That kind of thing has got to stop, okay? Thor needs to be a Marvel heavyweight again. You bring this guy out when it's time to clean house, okay? Are you listening, Marvel?

So, there you have it. You'd think it were Thursday, or something. The only thing that would make it better would be a big 'ol, honkin' rain storm...


Bubbashelby said...

Great figures! I personally wish they'd give us a Kirby Thor someday.

eJessen said...

Awesome - i never saw loki before - he looks cool.