Jan 19, 2010

"Z" A Parker Brand Mini-Micro-Sketch (for the "Comic Twart" gang)

Well, I needed a 10 minute break this afternoon, so I decided to devote that time to a (mini) micro-sketch in pen and marker. Not the best work I've ever done, but I only had about 8 minutes to work it out (I know, excuses, excuses). So, why "Zorro?" Well, in case you haven't heard about it, some really awesome artists have joined forces to create "Comic Twart." Basically, each week one of the artists get to choose which character they're going to draw and then they each spend the week drawing said character. It's a pretty cool group of artists with loads of talent. They chose Zorro for this weeks character and the results have been pretty stunning. So, I've decided to take a stab at the characters they choose each week. My work won't ever hold a candle to theirs, but it's my way of saying "thanks" to the Comic Twart gang for doing what they do. Here's my wink to you talented guys! Thanks for sharing your work with your fans this way.

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