Jan 12, 2010

"Horny" A Parker Brand Micro-Sketch

I wanted to do a quick warm-up micro-sketch tonight before I started investing time in a bigger project. I've had Blue Devil on the brain today, for some reason. My Dad used to bring home Blue Devil every month, when I was a kid. I thought it was a fun comic; real light hearted read. I miss books like Blue Devil sometimes (but ya know, Power Girl kinda has that cheeky, lite-hearted Blue Devil vibe). Anyway, I spent about 8 minutes on this sketch and used my Tombo markers. I really like doing these. They're easy and fun and end up really bright. Now, on to the next victim...

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Bubbashelby said...

That's a cool memory about your dad. I know my kids will always think of me when they see Batman comics because I drag those home every month lol!

Blue Devil is a cool character. I have a JLU action figure of him that was pretty tough to come by when he was released. Great sketch - nice lighting details! I wish I was as good at coloring as you!