Jan 4, 2010

My Sketchbook "Faces" its "Fate" (okay... that's a goofy title)

My wife and I went out for coffee this weekend just to get out of the house for a bit. I brought my handy, dandy sketchbook with with me because I had a couple of pages I wanted to fix. See, I've been filling up this little Handbook brand sketchbook with micro-sketches (that's what I call 'em because I try to crank them out in less than 10 minutes) of heroes. Well, the paper in this sketchbook doesn't take the Copic sketch marker ink to well, so I had a couple of pages where the ink leaked  through. I threw together a sketch of Dr. Fate (using my Pentel Pocket Brush & Tombo Brush Markers) and a really quick pencil of Thors face. Nothing special (in fact, I almost didn't post them), but I decided I'd share them anyway. I hope you all have an exciting, creative day!

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