Dec 31, 2009

Creative Time With My Boy (or "Are My Sons Art Supplies Cooler Than Mine?")

My Son called me at work twice yesterday (he's only 6). The first time, he wanted to double check with me on what time I was getting off (I get off at 5 pm most days, and promptly pick him up thereafter...but he was pretty antsy). The second time, he wanted to ask if we could sit and draw together when we got home. I had a big gumbo to prep for, but I told him after I finished I'd be glad to sit with him. Usually I break out my own art kit and he works out of his, but last night I decided we'd both just his supplies and draw whatever came to mind. I've got to say, I had a blast doing this versus sitting down with my own kit and devoting way too much attention and time to a piece. By just digging into his kit with him, I was able to relax and just have some good, innocent, low-key fun. Last year I got both of my kids some really nice, wooden art kits and it's helped them keep up with their supplies, and they take better care of them. I guess I never realized how many cool art supplies my kids have, but laying them out all at once I was able to dig in. My son, particularly, has a nice set of dual-tip brush pens like the ones made by Tombo. I really enjoyed working with these pens. I imagine they'd completely destroy any ink work I could do with my own supplies, but it was really fun to see the colors blend without destroying the brush tip. Very cool. He also has a cool set of liquid ink brush pens by Elmers. Whoa! What a fun experience that was. You can really bang out some fun sketches with them, and the colors are very bright! My son, Jonah, opted to use his Blendy Pens and a new set of scented markers (I might use them next time too). The kids and I try to sit and draw together a few times a week (of course, my daughter hasn't come away from her own art desk since she got her new Copic markers), but I usually end up working on something way to heavy. It was nice to just step back, take off my grown-up hat for a bit, and be a kid again. We should all do that from time-to-time.

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