Oct 30, 2009

"Tim" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

On the way home from work my daughter said, "I'm gonna go in my room and draw all night...and listen to rap music." (Rap music???) Her enthusiasm rubbed off on my son and he said, "Oooo, Daddy, can we sit on the floor in your room and draw together?" When your kids lean towards art you jump into that with both feet and count yourself among the lucky, especially if you like to draw too. I decided to draw another one of my favorite characters, former Robin, Tim Drake. Tim has been a fave of mine for a while, and in my opinion is the best Robin that Batman ever had. Currently, Tim has laid down his Robin mantle and is going by the name Red Robin. While I'm not diggin' the new Robin (Bruce Wayne's punk son Damien), or the way that DC has handled the Red Robin character, I'm still a fan of the costume design (first appearing in the Kingdom Come series, designed for Dick Grayson, the original Robin, by the mega talented Alex Ross). Robin or Red Robin, Tim Drake is still tops in my book. I probably blew the likeness, but I didn't draw it for perfection...I did it for fun. I hope you enjoy looking at it.

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