Oct 29, 2009

I'm "waving" but I'm not sure why...yet!

I got my Google Wave invite about 2 weeks ago. I sat on it for about 7 days, waiting for invitations of my own to hand out. My first week with Google Wave was pretty uneventful. I spent most of the week begging Twitter friends who had Gwave to send me random waves so we could try it out. Pretty boring stuff.
I finally got some invites to hand out (I still have a few if anyone is interested) but after giving them to close contacts I saw that it would be even longer for them to receive their accounts. Well, today a few of my close contacts received their accounts and we took Google Wave for a test drive. I'm not sure about it yet.
Like all new things it may take some time to get used to. Waving back and forth (heh!) with only one other person isn't so bad, initially. It's when you throw a third person into the mix that the wave begins to get chaotic. Once you start replying all over the wave it really gets crazy. My friends and I discovered that each individual could go in and edit the post of any other wave participant. I'm not sold on this idea...it just felt,...well...wrong to do it.
All-in-all, it's been a ho-hum experience...kind of like how Twitter felt when I first logged in, and you see where that led. If you're interested in waving to me here's my Gwave address oranparker@googlewave.com (and this is me resisting the urge to say something like "catch the wave").
SIDENOTE: I've included a couple of pics of my first multi-participant wave so you can see how it breaks down. Interestingly enough, it resembles the style of the "Bac2Bac Tech Attack" blog that my friends over at E2E Technology have put together (screen shots). Looks like they're onto something.


Luis Lavieri

i am looking for an invite. i know it will take a while to go through, but i will wave w/ ya if you want after I get it. My e-mail is llavieri@gmail.com

kannan said...

Hi Oran, Nice Screenshots of Wave. Looks very enticing. If you have an invite please send to kannana at gmail