Oct 28, 2009

"Omega" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

I've got this one sketchbook, made by Handbook, that I like to keep in my mailbag for quick doodles of super heroes. Yesterday, I was waiting for my son's soccer game to start (it was taking a while) so I tried to whip out a real quick ink sketch. Not sure why I settled on "Darkseid" but that's what I did. I did a quick breakdown with my handy #2 HB ticonderoga pencil I always keep behind my ear (as I always say, "if you've got a sharp pencil, then you really have no excuse to not create something). I did the inks with the VERY handy Pocket Brush by Pentel. I added some quick, cool grey with the Faber Castell PITT brush tip markers. The sketch is nothing special, but it's fun to do, passes time and keeps my muscle memory fresh for when I actually need to do a finished piece.

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