Oct 28, 2009

"Thing of Iron" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

As usual, I had some down time before my son's soccer game.

It was windy, getting dark and my kids were restless...which means it's a good time to break out the sketchbook.
I wanted to tackle a quick sketch of one of my childhood fave characters, "Iron Fist."
I used to LOVE reading my Dad's comics when I was a little kid (which is probably why I still love them today) and "Powerman and Iron Fist" was one of the ones I always looked for.
Luke Cage & Danny Rand were awesome then, and I'm glad to see that they're both kicking hard today.
I'll never forget some of my favorites lines from the series..."Christmas"...or "his hand becomes like a thing of iron."
So freakin' cool.
This isn't the best drawing I've ever done, but it was still fun and a creative way to kill some time.

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