Mar 19, 2008

Logos on Demand

So, today I was working on a time sensitive project and I got in a jam for a logo. Nothing new. So, I did what I always do...I called my bros over at Signs Now of Lake Charles.

Now, I have to take a side road here and talk about the Signs Now crew. Scott Bowers is the man in charge over there. Scott has a special knack for getting things done. The man has a good crew working with him over there. When you need it done fast and right, Scott and his team will do everything possible to make it happen. They've pulled me out of pinch on more than one occasion.

We've ended up with a pretty cool relationship. He calls me from time to time when he needs some graphic assistance (which is rare since he's got a jammin' designer over there) and I do the same. But the most common thing that we share (besides local ad-gossip and information) are logos.

For the most part this consists of logos for local companies. Having a source for that is more valuable than I can even express. If you've worked as a designer for any time at all then you've probably experienced the joy of scanning in a beat up business card and recreating a logo. Don't get me wrong; knowing how to do that and doing it often gives a budding designer their salt. I mean how else do you learn how use your design tools?Well, that's all well and good, but in a situation where time is short you gotta have another source in your arsenal.

Use this RIGHT NOW!
So, I'm finally back to my original point (aren't you glad). I call Scott and he tunes me in to a jewel of a website. It's called Best Brands of the World and when you need a logo it's the bomb. Just type the name of the logo you're looking for into the search engine and WHAMO! You get a list of choices to download. Follow the steps listed on the site and in the time it takes to "click" you'll have a nice, clean, vector logo to work with.

So, no more rebuilding from a pixelated version swiped from a Google image search. Go figure.


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