Mar 14, 2008

Getting Above Average Speakers

I've been real lucky since coming on as programs chair for AAF Lake Charles. Of the many jobs you could get on the AAF board, programs is the one that if you don't do it everyone will definitely notice. Things started out good for me though. I managed to get a good speaker on my first shot; Robert Campbell of 808, inc. (you really have to check out 808's site...Robert and the 808 team are jammin' creatives). If you missed his program then you may remember him as the guy who did that great "don't suck" video for our 20th Annual Addy Awards.

Simply asking Robert if he'd seen any presenters that he was impressed with started me down a trail of bread crumbs that landed us some pretty entertaining and educational speakers. Tracking down great speakers takes a lot of research (and bargaining), but it's also been very rewarding. I've been staying in communication with our past presenters, and by following the information trail that each leaves I've stumbled into a whole different marketing perspective. And what I've also noticed is that staying in communication with our past speakers has been the key to finding our next great one.

I'd encourage each of you to do yourself a favor and make plans to attend the Tuesday, April 8th AAF Lake Charles luncheon. I really believe that everyone who attends this AAF meeting will leave with the sense that they really went to something special.

Providing great programs is a local AAF chapter's first and (in my opinion) most important job. I take it seriously. I'm working hard to make sure you have them. Remember...I want your membership in AAF Lake Charles to be worth something to you. -O

Don't forget to take the survey, gang! This is your chance to give me your input on what you want to see in your local AAF programs.

Use this RIGHT NOW!

Want to get a peek at our next speaker's presentation style? Click on the Parker Brand below, then click on our speaker's video interview on his home page. You'll be glad you did.

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