Feb 6, 2011

Way to go, Brainiac!

It's been a while since I've picked up a pencil, or a pen, or a marker. To be honest, it was probably last October. It's been too long.

My son asked if we could sit down and sketch for a bit, so I broke out my sketch kit, and some cheap water colors to whip up this quick Brainiac sketch.

I've got one word... rusty.

I really need to get back into to doing a sketch for fun at least once a week, because this just won't fly.

That's the way it goes. When you lay something down for too long it's easy to get cold. You have to practice to get better.

Still, I think I'll start using the watercolors and the Pentel water brush more.
It's fun and real easy to bang out some color.

I've definitely got to get back in the sketch groove.

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