Jan 16, 2011

"Give me a sign!" Props to a local craftsman

Last year I had the pleasure to help the Oncology & Hematology Institute of Southwest Louisiana create a new logo to coincide with their move to a new location in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area (you may remember the post).

Working on this logo was a rewarding experience all around, and the Institute's reaction was very positive. The logo has been used online, in outdoor advertising, and on digital outdoor banners, but it was recently highlighted in it's use on the Institute's new sign, crafted by Lake Charles sign-craftsman, Mark Hebert.
Mark is one of the few, if not only, remaining sign-craftsmen in Southwest Louisiana. I have a unique appreciation for his work since I myself earned my early advertising stripes in the sign industry, although it was of the more computerized and commercialized variety.

Mark has been working in the sign business for a long time, stepping out for a while, but now apparently working at full speed. What Mark does is special in that it takes years to learn and hone. His sort of ability isn't just an acquired skill; it's a natural born talent that Mark obviously worked hard to refine.

I've had the pleasure to meet and discuss the sign-craft with Mark. He is a gracious and knowledgeable individual, and I'm hoping to see more of my design works brought to life by his hand in the future.

If you need a sign in a hurry, go to a commercial shop; that's what they are good at, and there is definitely a need for that in this "fast paced and highly competitive market." However, if you need a sign that stands above the rest, specifically crafted to suit your business, a sign with character and individuality, you should definitely contact Mark Hebert of Hebert Signs, a true master of his craft.

Don't believe me? Take some time to browse around Mark's Facebook gallery and see for yourself.

VIEW MARK'S GALLERY HERE >> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=10273&id=100000466031458

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