Sep 23, 2010

Living in the Sunshine, Having a Wonderful Time!

I've been really busy for the past few months... I mean really busy. When most folks ask me how I've been, that's usually my answer, "It's been busy." Their reaction is, "That's good. Better than the alternative." I agree. It really is better than the alternative.

I love my clients. I love making their advertising look great, getting it done on time, and working within their budget. That's what I do. It's pretty rewarding to go from the initial meeting with the client, to work on their proposal and then finally see the project come to completion.

Here's the rub

When you do what you say you're going to do, do it well, on time and on budget word gets around. Again, this is a good thing. The problem arises when too many projects converge at the same time. It doesn't mean that the work can't be done at the same level, or on deadline. It just means that every minute is precious and that you have to do things by the numbers, with no hick-ups.

In time

Every project has to happen in time. I say this a lot, but I don't think many truly comprehend the weight of that statement. Time is a resource; a commodity. Our culture runs on a linear time system (I believe that we operate this way because our human lives are finite... or at least that's what we think). Time, for us, starts here and finishes over there. There is only so much of it available and every single thing we do is framed by this outline. So, when projects exist within the same time-frame you've got to be able to allot a certain amount of your time resources to specific tasks. To make this work effectively you've got to know how to do your job quickly and well, then properly manage your time. If you don't, then the whole system falls apart and that's when deadlines get missed.

Having a wonderful time

Anway... I love my job. I love my clients. I love making them happy... even if every now and then things get a little tight. I'm glad that they all trust me to do what I say I'm going to do, which is help them get their message out there in an effective, attractive and creative way... even if every now and then I feel like this.

Here's wishing all of you, and all my clients a wonderful time in the sunshine! Now, back to my linear scheduled program. -OP
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