Sep 27, 2010

The Goodwill Girls

I love to go picking at Goodwill on $.50 Sundays. I always find something great, and even if it's not so great it's still only $.50. It's usually packed with folks, so I have to get in there and get pickin' like I've got a purpose. With all those folks jammed in the place I'm sometimes treated to a few horrible, yet wonderful sites. In fact, this past Sunday I was treated to something so horrible and wonderful that I felt I had to share it with you.

These creatures are not for the faint of heart, but I would encourage you to not look away. Take a minute to really reconcile your thoughts on what you are seeing. My friends, meet the Goodwill Girls!

Now, I'm sure these lovely ladies were placed near the check-out line to help sell the fine dresses you see them wearing. They were so odd, and terrible, and strange, and AMAZING... I felt that if I stepped to close they may actually turn their heads and speak. It was like being in an Old Navy mannequin commercial gone horribly wrong. I'm certain that one of these d├ębutantes will eventually make their way into my dreams, or rather my nightmares.

I'm always curious to see how creative businesses can be with their in-store displays and packaging, and I know that Goodwill certainly doesn't have anything that resembles a big-brand budget for that sort of thing. Still, I can't imagine the person who put this ensemble together thinking "that looks damn good." Although, in it's own quirky way it actually works.

So, I'm curious... which of the Goodwill Girls scares you the most? My money was on the one in purple, but after looking at the pictures again I think I'm gonna go with blue. something about those thin eyes and rosy cheeks. GAH!

What say you? Which one freaks you out?
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