Jul 8, 2010

FedEx: Delivering Rainbows (A Caption Contest)

Oran Parker took this picture. He owns it. Yeah... it's not great, but don't swipe it, okay?

So, a while back I was driving down Interstate 10 near Lake Charles, Louisiana right after a big rainstorm. The sky had that really pretty, right-after-the-storm glow where just a bit of light peeks through the clouds. Trucking along, I noticed a rainbow dropping out of the sky, and it seemed to land right on top of the Federal Express Ground truck that was driving in front of me. I grabbed my iPhone and took the best photo I could, what with all the highway bouncing and my shaky hands (yeah, yeah... I shouldn't be taking photos while driving). It's not very clear, but it's still a fun little shot and I figured we could have some fun with it.

Drop by my blog, the Parker Brand Way, and leave a caption in the comments section. There are a lot of creative individuals who pop in from time-to-time, so I'm sure you folks can come up with something great! The best caption I receive by this Friday (July 9th, 2010) at 3pm CST will receive a full set of Parker Brand Sketch Card Prints (you can check those out here). I may throw in some bonus prizes for runners-up, as well.

So, have fun and let's get those captions coming in.
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