Jun 3, 2010

"Duo-Kal" A Parker Brand ATC Sketch

I bought a new Micron pen last week, and I wanted to give a test-run to see how I liked it. I figured Superman was as good a subject as any. I'm not gonna lie, though; I'm not too crazy about this pen. I don't like the way it reacts to the Strathmore, plus I prefer to ink with a brush. There just isn't any weight to the line. I couldn't find my red Copic, so I decided to do a simple duo-tone color job. Anyway, for better or worse, here it is... Kal-El. I suppose this will get added to the sixteen piece ATC set I'm working on. I've got 6 cards left to create in the set. Once it' complete I'm going to be holding a big giveaway of the Series-1 and Series - 2 prints-32 cards in all - so keep your eyes peeled for that update.

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