May 27, 2010

Win This Print... Be A Star (A "Firestar," That Is)

Firestar Print Giveaway
Deadline 5-28-2010 3pm CST

If you've been following my blog, then you've seen this "Firestar" project that I've been working on after work for the past couple of days. I did the inking and wash last night, and added a bit of Copic color this morning.

I decided to do this piece because a.) I've been doing nothing but sketch cards lately, and needed a break from that. b.) I don't draw enough women. c.) I wanted to give shading via ink-wash a try. For a little evening sketch project, I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. So satisfied in fact, that I've decided to have another give away, which will include an 8.5 x 11 print of this sketch!

8.5 x 11 Print / 100lb Uncoated Cover Stock

As a bonus, I'm going to give the super-ladies some face time and include prints of my Power Girl, She-Hulk, and Batgirl sketch cards, plus a bonus penciled version of the She-Hulk card.
2.5 x 3.5 Prints / 100lb Uncoated Cover Stock

I've made my giveaways pretty simple, so far. I've only asked that you leave a comment on this blog post, but this time there's a twist.

1. The Twist: Find some way to work the words "FIRE" and "STAR", in that order, into your comment (and writing "Firestar" doesn't count). That's not asking too much, right? 

2. The other catch is that you have to have your comment in by tomorrow at 3pm CST (that's Friday, May 28th). That's it.

Everyone who follows the rules will get their names fed into a randomizer and one will be chosen to receive the prize. 

So, thanks for stopping by, following along and checking out my hobby. Good luck to you all!