May 11, 2010

"Kal's Kingdom" A Parker Brand ATC Sketch

Getting warmed up in the morning is a tough thing. I'm usually looking at a pile of "creative" work that needs me to make tracks, and in a hurry. Sometimes it can be a soul-sucking experience, and drain every ounce of creative juice I've got. So, this morning I decided to start the day off with a quick ATC sketch. I figured if I start the day this way, maybe it'll help get me in gear to do a better job on the advertising projects I've got in front of me. "Kingdom Come" Superman is my favorite version of Kal-El, to date. In my mind, that's the "real" Superman. Anyway, that's who I chose for this quick 20 minute sketch. I took the time to scan in the pencils too. Nothing fancy here, but I think it really helped get me in the mood to face this pile of projects.

1 comment:

DarrenHanks said...

AWESOME! I am really digging the pencil to color process. Thanks for sharing.