May 14, 2010

I'm Giving Away ATC Prints! Contest Ends At 3 p.m. (CST) TODAY!

Why I'm Giving Away ATC Prints
(If you're not interested in the story, just jump down to the rules)

I've had a pretty fun run with Artist Trading Cards over the past few months. It's really turned into an enjoyable hobby for me. Because they are small, and don't take very long to produce, they fit right in to my micro-sketching philosophy; just draw something... anything, whenever you have the time. These little pieces of art allow me to do that, make connections, and share the love.

Since I was invited into my first trade I've made some wonderful new online connections, and have seen the hobby grow among my local creative friends. When I originally started I only worked in black and white, mainly because I didn't have the proper tools to do color, and also because I wasn't that skilled at it. Since then my supplies have expanded. I've been inspired by other artists whom I've traded ATCs with. Their work has motivated me to give color a try. So far, I've been pretty happy with the results.

Now I'd like to share some of my hobby with you, my friends, readers, fellow artists, bloggers and Facebook/Twitter followers. I've been scanning my ATCs, slowly working towards a set of 16 color cards. Now that I've reached my series-1 goal, I'm going to be giving away prints of the cards in that set. My beautiful wife works at a local print shop and was kind enough to assist me in the project.

"THE RULES" or "How the heck do I get these cards?!"
So here's the deal. I'm giving away 4 sets of prints. Winning them is pretty easy. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. Seriously. That's it. Do that, make sure I can contact you for your shipping details, then I'll send you your cards.

I'll stop taking submissions at 3 p.m. today (CST) and then I'll choose 4 names with a randomizer. Pretty simple. Here's exactly what the 4 winners will get:

4th Prize "Parker Brand ATCs: Series-1 Pencils & Color Set"

This set contains 10 color prints of the characters She-Hulk, John Constantine, Thundarr, Superman, Mad Max and the pencil sketches associated with those cards.

3rd Prize "Parker Brand ATCs: Series-1 A, 1/2 Set with Pencils"

This is a set of 10 color prints of the characters Eddy, Thundarr, John Constantine, Hell Boy, Clone Trooper, Power Girl, Turok, Batgirl and 2 pencil sketches.

2nd Prize "Parker Brand ATCs: Series-1 B, 1/2 Set with Pencils"

This is a set of 11 color prints of the characters Doctor Solar, Trap Jaw, Jonah Hex, Darkseid, Superman, She-Hulk, Mad Max, Thor and 3 pencil sketches.

GRAND PRIZE "Parker Brand ATCs: Series 1, Full Set including Pencils"

This is the entire 16 card set of color prints of the characters Trap Jaw, Eddy, Hell Boy, Superman, Jonah Hex, Darkseid, Powergirl, John Constantine, Turok, Thor, Thundarr, Batgirl, Mad Max, Doctor Solar, Clone Trooper and She-Hulk. Plus, this set includes 5 bonus pencil sketch cards.

My goal with all of this? Honestly, I love making connections, sharing my hobbies, and growing my creative network. It has been a positive experience for me, and this is just one way to share a portion of that fun with others.

So, pass the word! This is a no strings attached contest... and REMEMBER! It ends at 3 p.m. (CST) TODAY!


Smack6102 said...

Oh wow this is a great opportunity you are giving people.I love seeing your work that you post on twitter and I'm happy to have this kind of chance for some. TY

Mike Brignac said...

I freakin love your art! You've got mad skills, Oran. When I'm ready to create my brand I'm calling on you!
(And I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but we were following each other on twitter LONG before most everyone else)

Carl said...

Hey Oran, awesome work. Its nice to see people actually living their passion. I really enjoy reading your blog as well. Keep it coming.

SassyStepmom said...

Hi Oran! I love the work you and Erik do! You'll are so talented.
BTW, It's Michelle Woodyear, I'm using my husband's gmail.

eJessen said...

I'd love to showcase a set in my studio bro... Come on randomizer!

Chrissie A said...

Me me me me!! *waves hands wildly*

You know I'm a fan, 'cause we've traded cards already! :)

(I have to say, Oran, that you are totally my inspiration for self-promotion...I am taking notes!)

AllTheWiser said...

Stunning work.
Glad to have found you.
It's nice to meet gifted

Gillen said...

Word Oran. You cards are so flippin awesomes. If I win I use it to decorate my new drawing room.

Michelle Schrad said...

I'm new to the concept of sketch cards but they sound like so much fun. I'll have a new studio space that I'm preparing to decorate with loads of other artists' work and yours would be a great addition!

Eric said...

Great Work Oran!! :)

Buzzregog said...

Great idea, great work, hope to be a winner !!

Kellie DeFries said...

I want to win!!! I'm your biggest West Coast Fan Dude!

Justin said...

Awesome contest and a new blog to throw on my reader. This makes for a pretty good day.

Chris said...

I am throwing my hat into the ring just cause I would love to have more of your cards.

og said...

Wow, Great stuff! Love the mad Max and Clone Trooper! Thanks for the contest.

Marcimallow said...

This is a great opportunity and i've been thinking of doing some with my abstract paintings etc etc...And I love the connections you make with other people!

Scribe Girl said...

Oh Yay! What fun!
Parker print on my wall.
Make me the one.
Randomizer who chooses all!
(Thanks for putting on the contest.)

Hey Thom! said...

When you say "Randomizer," I hope you mean "give them to Thom."

Enter my name in that drawing!

Anonymous said...

*crosses fingers*

These look great! My younger brother would LOVE this set.

Bubbashelby said...

Comment posted. Win eminent.

Jeremy said...

Fingers crossed. Love that Clone Trooper card. Makes me want to do some of these myself.

brian said...

Great idea Oran. Nice work.

Matt Bors said...

great stuff. Here goes my comment.

jmcgee182 said...


Oran E. Parker said...

Thank you all for stopping by this blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate your time. I hope that you all can find something you like on this site, something that will keep you coming back to visit from time-to-time.

I entered all of the names into a randomizer and here are the winners:
4th Prize: Smack6102
3rd Prize: Buzzregog
2nd Prize: Kellie DeFries
GRAND PRIZE: Michell Schrad

If your ID has been listed, then please send me your shipping details.

You can send me that information by visiting

Once I receive your details I will ship out your prints.

Again, thank you for your interest, your time and your participation.

I hope to have more contests like this in the future as create more card sets.

-Oran Parker