Apr 28, 2010

"Clonely is the Night" A Parker Brand ATC Sketch

I had some time tonight  to sit down and finish up the third card in my ATC trade with the very talented artist, Chirs Thorne. If you've been following my blog, then you know that Chris requested 3 cards; Aragorn, Eddy from Iron Maiden, and a Clone Trooper. I finished up Aragorn and Eddy a couple of weeks ago, and tonight I sketched out the Clone Trooper card.

Since these 3 characters were all very different, I wanted to use 3 different illustration styles to pull them off. They were all sketched out in pencil first. I used a dip pen to ink Aragorn. Eddy was inked using a #3 Sable brush, and the Clone Trooper was inked and colored using dual tipped brush markers.

This was a really fun set to work on, and I can't wait to hear what Chris thinks of the it. Now that this is done, I've got a couple of commissions to work on, plus at least one other ATC trade in the works. After that, it's full speed ahead on my pieces for the upcoming "Drawing Board" exhibit at the Brimstone Museum, here in Sulphur, Louisiana. After that, I'll be working on a new set of monsters for the "Chaos Theory" exhibit. Maybe then I'll be able to take on some new ATC trades, so if you're interested in setting up a future trade, contact me here.

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