Apr 28, 2010

"Batter UP!" Updating A Package Design Without Leaving the Existing Brand Behind

I've been working with a Cajun food product manufacturer for quite some time. Most of the designs that I've had to work with were inherited from those who came before me. My challenge has always been to update the look of the company's advertising and packaging, without leaving the brand identity established by the original designers.

I've been working on a packaging update that addresses this point exactly. The company is rolling out a new fish fry and all-purpose batter. These products will be packaged in the same size bag as the company's already popular seafood boil. When I came on board, the seafood boil packaging was already in place.

Here is the original seafood boil design:

New products don't roll out every day. When they do, I usually do what I can to move the packaging design forward. I don't like to upset the status quo of the brand too much, but if I think I can improve on the product's shelf appeal by enhancing the brand's existing elements, and adding a few, then I do.

On the new batter and fry products, I wanted to start introducing some new color schemes and tactile elements. I felt like it was important to show food cooked with the product, and to choose textures and colors that may trigger specific feelings and emotions about the food.

The new direction for the batter and fry packaging:

If feel like these design updates are moving in the right direction. I've left most of the staple branding elements intact, such as the logo, mark, banners, framing and font choices, but what I've changed has made a huge difference in the way the bags will stand out on the shelf. 

This may be the new direction for all future packaging designs produced for this company. As product is sold, and existing packaging and labels are used, I may eventually have an opportunity to revamp the look and feel of every product in the line.

I always find it challenging to take an existing brand and update it without actually doing a complete 180 from where it stands. This product line poses that challenge to me, which makes working on it a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to updating more of their packaging designs in the future.
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