Mar 16, 2010

"ENVY" A Parker Brand Micro-Sketch (or "Yellow & Blue Make Green")

Well, tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day, so I figured I'd crank out a really quick marker sketch to post that features the holiday's color... GREEN! I wish I could say that I drew this because I was thinking about St. Patty's Day, but sadly that's not really why I picked the Green Goblin for my subject.

You see, I've been working on a project since last November, a project that's wrapping up real soon, and it's had my brain all wrapped up in two specific colors; yellow and blue (we all know what color that makes). I won't go into it too much, but I can say that in working on this project I've had the pleasure to work with some really great, honorable, hard working individuals, but I've also seen some prominent people in our community who wear great public faces, really show an ugly, dark side that has left a nasty mark on my hometown.

It's pretty funny, because it really does make me think of good 'ol Norman Osborn right now,... the Iron Patriot! America's Hero, her favorite son. Looks great in public, but deep down we all know he's just the Goblin, a deceiver and liar, a yellow coward, a villain to the core, all green with envy. Hang on. What what was I talking about again?

Anyway, that's about all I have to say on that for now, but I can say that I think the clouds are going to part real soon, and my little city will be thankful for blue skies again. I hope you folks enjoy your Saint Patty's day tomorrow. Have a green beer. Sing a song. Kiss a baby. Eat a clover. Just smile and laugh. Be happy. Have some fun no matter what you find yourself doing. Hope you dig the marker sketch. G'night!

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