Feb 6, 2010

"I Call Shotgun" A Parker Brand Sketch Card

The other day I posted about an ATC sketch-set that I'm working on that's related to a cult classic film called "The Beyond." The request was for 3 cards based on photo references that were sent to me. The trade wasn't specific about which particular photos to use, so I've leaned towards the ones that caught my eye.

I zoned in this picture of actor Al Cliver. While I've not familiar with him, or his work, I think the shot is pretty cool and dramatic. Looks like he's been in a rough spot, and he's not out of the woods yet.

I'm still struggling with drawing in the ATC format. I draw really large, for the most part, so working this size is a challenge. That being said, I still love it and I hope that the folks I trade with are happy with the end results.

I thought that it might be nice to show stages on this project. I've been sticking to the same set of tools on my ATCs: my MARS drafting pencil, my PITT artist pen (size small), my Pentel pocket brush and PITT cool grey brush tip pens. I don't think I'm ready to try anything new just yet.

I pretty much stick to the same process when working from a photo. I do the pencil breakdowns to find the form, then try to lay down some guide areas with the art pen. After that I lay down some rendering with the pocket brush. I finish off with some shades of grey, then cut the cards down to size.

The ATC guide I made for myself lets me have a bleed area, which I like, that way after I cut them down they'll have a more finished look. I'm aware that the final product isn't perfect, but working at this size I'm just happy if I can catch a likeness.

I've got one more card to sketch for this set, which I hope to finish up this weekend. After that, I think I'll have met all my ATC obligations, so if anyone is interested in working on a new trade with me then you can contact me here. I'd be up to doing some 3 and 6 card sets. Now, time to get out and enjoy some Louisiana sunshine.

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Wynn Ryder said...

Excellent work! That's a really powerful shot you captured brilliantly. The whole set will look fabulous together :D