Nov 11, 2009

"Trickster" A Parker+Brand Micro-Sketch

Boy, I was really tired last night and Michelle & I had a ton to do before the wedding this Saturday, all of which required an internet connection. Well, we got home and guess what; no internet. Well, at my house, no internet means no cable so the house was pretty quiet. My son said "let's draw." I knew I was gonna be out cold pretty soon (I could feel the eye-burn setting in), but I figured I had about 15 minutes to work on a sketch with him. I'm on a "Thor" universe kick right now, so I whipped up a quick "Loki" (hence the title, "Trickster") with my Pentel Pocket Brush. I'd say this was a true Micro-Sketch, in the sense that I did a very quick breakdown with hard lead and knocked out the inks in 12 minutes. I love doing these types of things; very quick, with no real intentions on the outcome. It's just something fun to do with your family,...and it beats vegging in front of the TV or melting your brain on the internet all night. 

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