Mar 30, 2008

Going Off Grid: Why Prien Lake Park Matters

I spent the better part of Saturday out at Prien Lake Park. If you haven't been out to the park in a while then you really should take some time to visit. What the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has done with this park is remarkable.

I had every intention of just taking off my shoes, putting on my straw and hat and just chilling with a moleskine sketchbook , but after some time at the park I realized that it was important for me to share my experience with my readers. So I grabbed my camera and took a stroll around the park to capture some of the activities.

Trust me when I tell you that we've never had a park like this before in our area. The first thing that I love about it is that even though it had a healthy crowd I still had plenty of room to myself. As a person that works under the cloud of a constant deadline getting away and getting "off grid," away from folks and phones, is important. When you work in the creative industries you need time to get away from all that noise and pressure and just let your mind get quiet so the juice can flow. This park is a great resource for that. It's a way to get out of doors and be alone, without being alone.

The park has some other great things to offer as well. Should you want to bring your work outside this is a fantastic place to do it. There are plenty of places to hold up, all with a beautiful view of the lake. And here's the coolest thing of all...the entire park offers a wireless internet connection. You just can't beat that.

So, why does all this matter? Well, if you're like me then you need to get away from the grind every now and then and this park provides a beautiful, spacious place to do that.
I read this t-shirt the other day that said "how can I think outside of the box when they won't even let me out?" Damn. Ain't that the truth. My point is this; being creative on the fly, at 100 mph, Monday through Friday...well, it can wear on you. It wears on your spirit, on your brain and time just keeps buzzin' on by. You look back and you realize that not only has time passed but you can't remember when you actually pushed yourself creatively. No new information is coming in and even when there is it's hard to find time to process it. Having a place to go and get away from all of the pulling and hauling is absolutely essential. It's more important than learning the next cool design trick.

Use this RIGHT NOW!
My advice to my fellow creatives and future creatives? Block out a few hours one Saturday or Sunday. Grab a sandwhich, some snacks and a beer or two and put them in a lunch box. Grab a notebook and a sketchbook. Go to Prien Lake Park...and when you get there...take your shoes off.

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Shawn said...

Man, I could not agree more. Whent through a rough spot yesterday, thinking about how I needed to get out and see that life is still out there.